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“9110024” is the newest oil offered at The Codega. This massage oil was made with the intentions, herbs and essential oils to help support your body and boost fertility when trying to conceive. Use the massager (sold separately) to rub the oil into your skin. 

Fertility Affirmations to say while rubbing this into your skin -  

  • “My body powerfully purges toxins.”
  • “I am thankful for the time to prepare my body.” 
  • “My uterine lining is ready to nurture.”
  • “My body is designed to conceive” 
  • “my body works well in order to get pregnant.”
  • ”my womb is open to new life.”


Studies say to rub it on your liver and lower abdomen when trying to conceive.  

Apply two drops to the bottoms of your feet morning and night. 


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