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“Birkin Bag Me” is a almond/grape seed base blend that contains real chunks of jezebel root, jasmine, ginger, honeysuckle and many other fine ingredients. The jezebel root is well known for attracting wealthy customers and making men come out their pockets. Once used by prostitutes to encourage their clientele to bring them on lavish dates and accommodate to their needs.

I made my oil to be used by every woman who receives tips :

Onlyfans owners
Nail/lash techs
Servers/shot girls/bartenders
deserves bags or who can pay their own bills but would rather someone else to do it.

How to use -

recite psalm 23

anoint money that was gifted to you.
rub it on your wrists, behind your ears and on your shoes before a date.
dab it on the corners of important business documents, bank statements, contracts and leases.
put seven drops in your bath water and visualize the gifts, vacations and men at your feet for 30 minutes.
anoint the device used to record videos and pictures.

Affirmations -

“Men step up as gentlemen in my presence.”

”Men instinctively take care of my needs and wants”

”Men see me as royalty and treat me like a queen”



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