GTFO Cleansing Spray

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“Get The Fuck Out” a Sage and Palo Santo smudging alternative. White sage and Palo Santo are both on the “to watch” list. There are less than 200 matured Palo Santo trees in the world. White sage isn’t a cleansing herb, it’s a very strong protection herb and removes all spirits and energy, not just the ones you want to go away and IS AN INDIGENOUS RITUAL AND MEDICINE.

“When we use these sacred rituals without consideration for their creators we are actively choosing parts of Indigenous cultures that we like while turning a blind eye to the things we don’t.”

Our “Get The Fuck Out” spray is a cleansing spray that has over 5 herbs and roots along with a cleansing and protection crystal. This updated version will get rid of the negative energy and leave it smelling and feeling like a fresh new start. Spray some on yourself when leaving a friends house, when going to work, when going shopping, spray your car after giving a ride, etc. the uses are endless.